[the game is being actively developed, this page serves only as archive of the gamejam version. For updates about the project check out https://twitter.com/StudioNOVEGA]

On July 24th, 20XX, a young moth named Motti submits an application to work at Lucca’s Underground Farms and gets accepted as an employee. Weeks later- taking place 3 days after your birthday, play as the teen moth Mot Harlow as you begin your journey solo as an underground farmer in Houston, Arizona.

This game was made by an experimental Ludum Dare Mega Team named Team LIYAVERSE. The team consists of 10 developers and was formed by StudioNOVEGA in the time span of 5 days.


Project Directors - Marten Ward & RaoulWB

Programming - Connor McHarney, Marten Ward, RaoulWB & FlamingSparrow

Game Design - RaoulWB & Marten Ward

Writing & Dialogue - Marten Ward

Environmental Design - Connor McHarney

Environment Art - Wishdream & Marten Ward

Concept & Character Art - Flomino, Nyupun & Marten Ward

Dialogue Portraits - Nyupun, Flomino

Character Animation - Flomino

Technical Art - RaoulWB

Music Composition - RaoulWB, Luzious , Marten Ward & IvoratiK

Sound Effects - Luzious, IvoratiK & Marten Ward

QA & Testing - RaoulWB, FlamingSparrow & Flomino

Translations (COMING SOON) - Nyupun flag_de, Marten Ward flag_esflag_frflag_jp


StudioNOVEGA - https://linktr.ee/studionovega

Marten Ward - https://linktr.ee/machmarten

RaoulWB - https://twitter.com/RaoulWB

Connorses - https://twitter.com/Onronc

FlamingSparrow - https://twitter.com/ntangudu

Wishdream - https://twitter.com/WishdreamStar

Flomino - https://gamejolt.com/@ztelDev

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsRaoul William Braghieri, StudioNOVEGA, FlamingSparrow, Wishdream, flomino, Connorses
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46
LinksLudum Dare


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My twitter isn't even there... >w<

That is true no more my man

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This game was really fun! Or maybe I should say relaxing, but the thing is I liked it a lot.

It does have some downsides, though: some are personal, because I would prefer a way to toggle the music and the volume of it, and I'm also sad I couldn't talk more to Angie; but also some about gameplay, like not being able to save, seeing how the dark creatures disappear mid-air and that I had a bug the first time I played it where I wasn't able to properly see the inventory and I could keep selecting invisible items.

Overall, it was a lovely experience and I will recommend it to my friends.

Thank you for the feedback! We'll keep that in mind once we get back to updating it!