A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Fech The Ferret is a fast and loud parkour game featuring electronic music and colorful visuals. The game is about an anthropomorphic ferret on his first adventure, busy exploring the unknown region of Marmocle.

The version hosted here represents the game in its prealpha state, you can currently play the first area and one rhythmic stage. Story elements and additional characters have currently been removed to avoid spoiling the plot in advance. Feel free to follow development on Twitter (twitter.com/aucritas) and Discord (discord.gg/9QKKx6X) for more info on the game.

If you wish to give feedback consider joining the game's discord server: discord.gg/9QKKx6X

Fech The Ferret Discord server: discord.gg/9QKKx6X
Twitter (dev): twitter.com/RaoulWB 
Twiter (game-only updates): twitter.com/aucritas
Patreon: patreon.com/raoulwb

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1382980/Fech_The_Ferret/

Music, code, management and design:  @RaoulWB: 
Level Design & 3D environments: @NSGreedy, @tigersonalex
3D characters: @LillyanneTr
3D Props: @WishdreamStar

2D art is either done by @dramisdraws or @LillyanneTr. Cover art by @tigersonalex


2021-11-11 Fech The Ferret 0.3.0alpha.zip 312 MB
2021-11-16 Fech The Ferret 0.3.0alpha_linux.zip 240 MB

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The demo is a ton of fun. I like the feeling of going fast and having to bounce between platforms. The music section is a bit tricky but carries the hype. I also like how the tower in the distance is what your running towards. I just wish it was something a bit more then a pointy thing.

Thanks for playing it! Unfortunately I can't promise anything about the obelisk for the time being. But! After almost a year of silence, a vastly improved demo is coming out this weekend, it revises everything you saw and adds more context as well as a second zone. You might like it!

I'll make sure to play it. My main gripe with the obelisk is it looks so cool when your running towards it, it just has no value. But aside from that I'm really excited to see where this project goes.

Helo helo! Coming back just to say the new demo is now available!

Yeah I played it. It's pretty good although I noticed that I couldn't jump from a stand still. That and the ferrest has been majorly cut down, it use to be much longer.

Oh weird, I have no issues with jumping while standing. And yeah, for this demo specifically we tried to show more of the newer parts. It's still possible to backtrack, but definitely not convenient ahaha

this game is awesome

i wish i could get on the walls sideways
that would be cool i think

I suppose you mean being able to run on walls instead of climbing up them?


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I only just started playing and it takes a bit of getting used too. If I may, why is looking attached to the scroll wheel on MnK? It feels very clunky and borderline unusable on a notched scroll wheel.  I can understand some of the benefits when using a smooth scroll wheel, but having the option to use the mouse instead would allow for more precise movements when your stuck with a mouse that can't switch between the two. Aside from that your game does give me good vibes.

You're right, the mouse controls would need a bit of a overhaul by next demo. 


10/10 my cat loved this game he ate the ferret so hard it died 
good game i kissed the ferret on the cheek befoer it hade a tragic edeth

rip the ferret


my brother was on my account oh gosh
indeed ig


Ahahaha. Don't worry, I sure was confused by that message


LOLL, yea, no idea what's going on his brain,
anyways your game is really underrated! I like the style