No Devlogs? - Moving communication to Steam


Fech The Ferret reached version 1.0.0alpha and then 1.1.0beta during the last month. It's been a gargantuan effort to partially rewrite the game, and now we begin to get our journey to reach the finish line with the project.

Though that's all stuff I haven't detailed in here, nor plan to in the future.

After nearly 5 years of maintaining this page I've decided to stop posting devlogs in here. Reasons are simple: since I'm just one person managing communication on all pages and stores, and given that Itch remains a niche storefront, I've decided to avoid stretching myself too thin and rather keep all major communications on the Steam page. That allows me to better fine tune the posts to look great in there with variable headers sizes and better video embedding.

Steam news page:

As for more immediate, frequent and chaotic communications, the main reference point remains the Discord community.




Fech The Ferret 1.1.0beta_win 503 MB
42 days ago
Fech The Ferret 1.1.0beta_linux 530 MB
42 days ago
Fech The Ferret 1.1.0beta_DEMO_win 470 MB
42 days ago
Fech The Ferret 1.1.0beta_DEMO_linux 494 MB
42 days ago

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