Fech The Ferret 0.7.1alpha Online DEMO - SAGE 2022

2022-09-02 The game now goes online by default after exiting the Kyuknos

-Increased trigger area of the (rat) guardian's dialogue
-Restored the day-night cycle. There was no functional reason to remove it
-Minor updates to rat props
-Slightly increased the ara sfx volumes
-Added end of demo dialog and updated its text
-Maximum amount of players per room is near doubled, from 50 to 99. Go wild
-Added player counter in the networking menu
-Added dialog in the networking menu that informs the player of the deactivation of the online (scheduled to happen after SAGE)
-Minor improvements to the networking menu UX and UI
-Increased power plant timer by 5 seconds

-The fullscreen toggle works again
-Fixed bug that would load the power plant level twice. Besides doubled performance overhead, the most notable side effect was the treadmill pushing Fech back twice as much
-Fixed out of bounds respawn when exiting the power plant. It was caused by the level's death plane getting called right after the intended respawn
-Small navigation fixes in the main menu
-Fixed bug that would tilt Fech by a few degrees after the ziplines
-Removed unintended ability to cling on rhythm ara walls

-Fech may get temporarily stuck at the edge of a downward slope
-The advanced crane was temporarily made incomplete
-Various issues climbing and sliding down walls of inclination close to 90°
-Infrequent camera collision issues
-Camera doesn't properly adjust to underpasses
-Small issues with navigating the menu
-Every time there's a scene change, the mouse pointer re-appears


Fech The Ferret 0.7.1alpha SAGE DEMO_win.zip 247 MB
Sep 02, 2022

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