Fech The Ferret 0.7.0prealpha

-2019-06-28 (and 2019-08-27) Vastly improved and reorganized menus, advanced settings menu is now accessible
-2019-07-19 No more clipping through walls when Fech is on all fours
-2019-08-01 Added controller rumble for maxDash and falling from heights
-2019-08-11 Implemented a new tool/workflow to create ara levels [scrapped from 0.7.Xprea]
- 2019-08-15 Ara levels support neon lights flashing to the beat and infallible rhythm syncing [scrapped from 0.7.Xprea]
-2019-08-20 (Added support for pal pulling)
-2019-09-08 Powie and pal pulling fully implemented
-2019-09-21 Marble Quarry's playable hub added to the demo

-Little touch-ups to menu colours
-Some under the hood tools upgrades, workflow improvement, deletion of old unused files
-Old core gameplay code has been somewhat simplified and improved
-Physics now runs at 30fps (instead of 60) resulting in lower CPU overhead
-Menu is now partially navigable with a controller
-Lowered auto-camera sensitivity a little bit
-Fech slows down when you walk against a wall, you lose momentum if you were dashing
-Slight changes to movement sensibility and accelerations, both walking and on all fours
-Slight improvement of dream00 level design's clarity by simplyfing shapes and making colums trigger their animations earlier
-Fixed and slightly improved jump falling physics
-Updated game icon
-Beat syncing code upgraded to detect music instances' volume. Full support of music crossfading
-Some little improvements to Fech's model and animations
-2019-08-16 Manager scripts are now referenced as singletons instead of being searched individually, likely a negligible performance boost
-Manual camera rotation is a tad faster
-Now while wallDashing you can see more of what's ahead
-Once started wallDashing you can't fall off unless you deliberately stop climbing
-Coyote time has been extended from 2 frames to 3
-Options menu is now less cluttered and easier to navigate thanks to smaller text and one column design
-Options menu's background is now semitrasparent so you can immediately see the effects of graphical changes
-Better UI scaling for 16:10 and 21:9 aspect ratios
-Menu animations are slightly faster
-Added option to use bumpers instead of triggers to move the camera
-Added splashscreen about gamepad usage at startup
-Startup animations can now be skipped
-beatDashFX is now a bit faster so to look more synced to the beat
-Controlling Fech at high dash speed now feels "heavier"
-Fech's aligning rotation is smoothened once you rotate the camera
-Added lightmapping to marble quarry for better environment shading and much improved more performant shadows
-The addition of lightmaps increased the build size by 67%
-Motion blur strength has been decreased for better experience on lower fps gameplay
-Jumping when Fech is walking on two legs now looks nicer
-Camera's shots have been tweaked to empower the current action/playstyle
-Fech is pinker
-There's a longer delay before he starts walldashing faster than before, resulting in a more "snappy" pacing. It helps you plan your next move.
-Overall shadow downgrade could drastically improve performance on low-spec setups
-Slightly improved dash animations to make them look less robotic

-Fixed controls menu's font
-You can't pause during the intro cutscene anymore
-Fixed bug that made opening the menu again not possible
-No more little beat sync fx oddity that made the effect appear more frequently than it's supposed to at the beginning of dream02
-Improved camera underpass behaviour, simpler more stable code
-MaxDashFX (the one big burst of white stripes) can't trigger multiple times if it's already playing
-Removed the useless Rigidbody component from Fech
-Fixed autocamera turning off in dream00 if you died after dream02 had loaded
-You can't accidentally fall off a wall while wallDashing because of a too sudden change of direction
-Thanks to a little trick, it's now a tad easier to plan Fech's landing on all fours
-Found and fixed critical bug that made jumps performed in coyote time have a quicker and more sudden fall
-Coyote time is now framerate dependant (it used to be 2 frames no matter if the framerate was 60 or 30)
-Solved all mouse selection issues in the menus
-Supposedly fixed bug that made the startup animation not load or only play partially
-Overall slightly smoother startup
-Fixed fech being able to turn around in the pause menu
-Improvements to the garbage collection: lag spikes are a little less frequent
-Reduced bugs related to the lack input on the left thumbstick
-Toned down graphics on the unnecessarily taxing intro cutscene
-Fixed bug that let you go in quadruped or dash mode while Fech can't move (intro cutscene, pause menu)

-Camera is able to clip through walls while dashing
-Evident lag spike after first pressing Play
-Selecting via controller in the menu is an inconsistent experience
-Anti-aliasinging bug (cutscene intro can look nearly pitch black)
-Some column animation triggers in dream00 are probably less reliable than before
-Unpausing using the menu button on controller (or escape on keyboard) can result in the menu closing animation not playing


2019-09-27 Fech The Ferret 0.7.0prealpha.zip 100 MB
Oct 03, 2019

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