Fech The Ferret 0.9.0prealpha-rc2

-2020-08-25 Walls you cannot walldash on are now highlighted by a pattern
-2020-08-28 Added planar reflections to water [now temporarily removed for performance reasons]
-2020-08-30 Rhythm ara playable from start to finish!
-2020-09-01 Rhythm ara is fully featured! Rhythm synced obstacles have been added
-2020-09-03 The tutorial is now skippable
-2020-09-04 A button to restart the game has been added. It will ease your pain in case game breaking bugs are encountered
-2020-09-04 The ferrest area has been fully remade and completed for the demo!

-Pollen damages Fech a bit more slowly
-Grass only spawns in empty spaces. Nicer look and slightly better CPU performance due to less grass being instantiated (at cost of slightly more CPU power used to spawn it at startup)
-Health UI shows up when you're taking damage
-Little polish up to make life UI look well in quadruped mode
-Leaves are attracted a tad faster
-Sleepy Fech
-Improvements to quadruped walk animation
-Fech always avoids colliding against walls
-New quadruped jump animation, Fech looks a lot more like he's hovering
-Added new dash jump animation
-Slight improvements to grass's height and opacity
-Slight improvements to the stylization of Fech's shader
-It now takes 4 seconds for pollen to deplete the fatigue meter (used to be 3 seconds)
-Shading on Fech's shader is a bit less strong
-Water looks nicer
-Fech actually clings to walls now
-Fech's start of wall dash looks a bit more natural now
-Made the jump animation more reactive (triggered the exact moment you press the button, framerate independent)
-Added jump vfx
-Rhythm ara: added bonus points for jumping on beat in rhythm arae
-Rhythm ara: it's easier to overcome a gap. Missing the jump on the smallest gap has no consequence now
-Added proper beginning of rhythm ara (it's a treadmill now)
-Rhythm ara: improved its look with additional post processing
-Small improvements to camera underpass behaviour
-Added a credits screen in the main menu
-Decreased render distance to improve performance
-Decreased particles to improve performance
-Improved terrain performance
-Slightly reduced grass density. Grass instances are down by 15%, which directly increases CPU performance
-Grass loading is generally faster thanks to some careful masking (not instantiating outside gameplay zones anymore)
-Slightly updated tutorial dialogs
-Added a few next sound effects
-Added a short section leading to the rhythm ara

-Base of the grass looking white when seen against water or the sky
-Found a hacky (but infallible) solution to the black shadows bug on Fech and grass
-Fech's animation freezing if you suddenly stopped dashing
-Fixed jump on quadruped mode consisting on Fech's animation freezing while he's jumping
-Fixed animation bug if you didn't let go the jump button after landing
-Fixed minor graphical issue related to Fech's spine bending right after a pal pull
-Restored and improved Fech's spine bending
-Fixed spring force inconsistency caused by a variable in the jump script
-Fixed uncommon wall dashing bug
-Fixed camera freelook speed being tied to framerate
-Disabled post processing on a few fx (bloom sometimes cluttered up the visuals)
-Rhythm ara: fixed bugs related path creation
-Increased camera underpass behaviour threshold, now it triggers every time you'd expect it to
-Fixed grass being visible in dream00
-Transition from dream00 to Ferrest should be more reliable now
-Intro cutscene has been adapted
-Rhythm ara: a lot more fixes
-No more Powie stuck after pal pulling
-Fixed water life restore bug
-Fixed glitch in the loading of dream02 that turned everything to pink
-Fixed respawn bug in late section of dream00
-Adjusted fake shadows for dream00
-Fixed bug of Fech's dash animation incorrectly stopping
-Grass instantiation now spreads its CPU load across more frames on most of pc rigs
-Slightly fixed intro cutscene
-Fixed bug of Fech suddenly slowing down on some slopes as if he bumped against something
-Fixed long overlooked bug that made turning speed dependent on framerate (!)
-Fixed bug that made Fech not stop running after jumping towards a wall
-Removed the obnoxious leaf sound fx

-Selecting via controller in the menu doesn't work anymore
-Controls menu doesn't work
-Auto camera sensitivity is busted. Stuck to its lowest value
-Dream00's look is worse than in 0.7.0prea
-Aligning camera while walking slowly on all fours might bring to some bugs with the turning animation [haven't checked this in a long time]
-Some post processing effects are either not present or not settable as of now
-Powie shouldn't be available (ferrest's level design doesn't suit them)
-Sometimes you can straight up run up trees. That's not intended
-During pal pulling, Powie doesn't attach to the correct part of Fech's tail
-Add safety net for respawn in ferrest
-wall bumping is stable only at high framerates
-ara, seems like after two consecutive turns, the collier is not correctly set
-Pressing the Back button too many times too quickly makes the game unpause without playing the animation for it
-Some pretty big bugs related to rhythm ara


2020-09-04 Fech The Ferret 0.9.0prealpha-rc2.zip 108 MB
Sep 05, 2020

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