Fech The Ferret 0.9.0prealpha

-2020-09-06 it's the same demo as before, except it doesn't break and it plays good

-Increased jump fx volume
-Slight improvements to the entrance of the ara stage

-Pressing escape on keyboard now opens the menu
-Redesigned keyboard controls. The game is now playable with mouse and keyboard
-Fixed edge case scenario in which it was possible to reach the Ferrest without having dream00's music stop
-Very slight adjustment to make headbumping possibly not happen during big falls
-Fixed autocamera not working
-Slightly updated Fech's texture
-Fixed bug that made you infinitely respawn when life reached zero, effectively holding you in place
-Fixed performance inspector not showing up
-Added deadzones to thumbstick inputs
-Less janky alignment to the ground
-Fixed speed fx not showing in the ferrest
-Re-added little visual fix to Fech's jumping
-Minor visual fixes to the ferrest
-Fixed odd pause between loading the rhythm ara and starting its music
-Fixed bugs related to rhythm ara respawn


2020-09-06 Fech The Ferret 0.9.0prealpha.zip 106 MB
Sep 06, 2020

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