Fech The Ferret 0.9.1prealpha


-Considerable edit to Fech's quadruped walk speed and acceleration
-Made falling while dashing (no jump) a bit less harsh
-Added animation that shows you're falling when you let go the jump button
-Now pressing backspace brings you to the main menu
-Slightly increased FOV whien dashing
-Slightly increased volume of jump fx
-Rhythm ara: many little visual improvements

-Fixed bug that makes Fech keep running after hitting a wall
-Very minor improvement to make rotation less jerky
-Removed useless toggles from the menus
-Fixed level loading bug related to Skipping the tutorial (infinite jump)
-Minor fixes to autocamera turning
-Removed fall damage when you respawn
-Rhythm ara: fixed bug that made Fech slide during pal pulling (upon retry)
-Rhythm ara: fixed bug that made it possible to go out of bound when hitting the walls
-Fixed Powie not being attached to Fech's tail during pal pulling
-Added safety net for respawn in Ferrest
-It's now possible to open the menu with a keyboard
-Pressing the B button on the title screen used to break it
-Fixed bug about pressing Back too quickly while the game is paused
-Made fake shadow's glitch a little less noticeable
-Fixed bug about camera sensitivity being framerate dependent
without playing the animation for it
-After finishing the rhythm ara you're respawned to the closest checkpoint now

-Selecting via controller in the menu doesn't work anymore
-Controls menu doesn't work
-Dream00's look is worse than in 0.7.0prea
-Aligning camera while walking slowly on all fours might bring to some bugs with the turning animation [haven't checked this on in a long time]
-Some post processing effects are either not present
-Powie shouldn't be available (ferrest's level design doesn't suit them)
-Sometimes you can straight up run up trees. That's not intended
-wall bumping is stable only at high framerates
-Rhythm ara: uncommon bug about gap collider not being well set
-Rhythm ara: make death more graceful
-Menu doesn't work in the ara
-Performance in the final hub is a bit too low


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Sep 07, 2020

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