​Fech The Ferret 0.9.2prealpha

2020-09-13 Massive performance boost thanks to occlusion culling. Up to 50% boost in specific areas.
2020-09-15 Water ponds now serve as respawn points too
2020-10-02 Fech now sneezes uncontrollably if you go inside the pollen spots
2020-10-02 Added several new sound effects for contextualization
2020-10-03 Noticeably improved dream00
2020-10-04 Roughly 25% performance increase in the ferrest during all times thanks to terrain optimization
2020-10-05 Big improvements to the ara entrance level (entrance music, tutorial dialogs)
2020-10-05 Overall, big quality of life improvements to the level design of the ferrest

-Added pathways to guide player
-Added more water to restore health
-Added dithering to camera
-Slight adjustments for Fech's quadruped turning speeds
-Improved autocamera turning speed
-Changed unclimbable walls' texture, it's much more noticeable now
-Improved ferrest's skybox
-Clinging to walls while falling can prevent you from taking fall damage
-Health doesn't go down with time anymore
-Various improvements to life UI. Easier to understand what's going on
-Simplified the way water works
-Manual camera turning is now quicker
-Leaves collection is slightly easier and more predictable
-Lowered grass height by a tiny bit
-Added a tileable texture to walkable parts of rocks
-Leaves now have a rotating animation
-Headbumping is now near perfect (at high framerate and works meh only in sharp corners)
-Initial implementation of manually rising/lowering camera while in quadruped mode too
-Added fake AO to tree trunks. Trunks look quite better now
-Increased Fech's tolerancy for bumps in the terrain
-Optimized terrains by lowering their resolution: lowered filesize and GPU workload
-Optimized many textures
-It's now easier to get up on biped mode
-Noticeably improved the way gravity works when dashing on springs or after falling off a platform
-Big improvements to keyboard & mouse controls
-Many small but noticeable improvements to dream00 (clouds, arrows, level design)
-Splash sound effects
-Slight edit to the waking up transition
-Disabled instanced drawing on terrains: small performance improvement
-Updated Fech The Ferret logo on the main menu
-Updated game icon
-Added beam on top of the obelisk
-Camera can be lowered even more for sight-seeing
-Updated tutorial dialogs
-Mouse scroll wheel for moving the camera (like the triggers on a controller)
-Reintroduced the ability to move the camera view by moving the mouse (must be left clicking while doing so)

-Fixed Fech slowly walking after letting input go
-Slight fixes to make the outside of the ferrest more believable
-Fixed incorrect tree positions
-Wall clinging now gets a ton less into the way of gameplay
-Mostly fixed unclimbable walls not being marked correctly
-Some terrain maintenance
-Cleaned up some of the new code. Might have improved game stability
-The headbumping behaviour is a lot more smooth and reliable. Fech's head cannot get stuck inside of walls anymore
-Slight improvements to camera collisions
-You can now jump high when hitting unclimbable walls, jump height doesn't get stuck anymore
-Slightly improved a problem tied to falling off platforms
-Fech's body now bends the same way at any framerate
-Restored foliage animation to its correct intensity
-Some small optimizations under the hood
-Adjusted the controls menu: updated the names, it's not possible to try rebind anymore (it was misleading before, it never worked)
-Animations fixes in the menu
-Fixed bug that didn't let save the camera sensitivity setting
-Fixed a dodgy tutorial skipping bug
-Temporarily removed shadow projector due to its buggy state

-Selecting via controller in the menu doesn't work anymore
-Ambient occlusion is missing
-Powie shouldn't be available (ferrest's level design doesn't suit them)
-Sometimes you can straight up run up trees. That's not intended
-Rhythm ara: make death more graceful
-Menu issues in the ara
-Leaf counter stuck to 999
-Need to mask tutorial dialog when you open the menu
-Camera sensitivity not correct when you keep dashing after pal pulling
-Lack of dynamic occlusion culling for grass
-Camera scripts and GameObjects need a overhaul
-Fix the spring right after a jump (shoots you higher but you also fall as if you weren't jumping)
-You can still run up trees
-Still subpar performance in rhythm ara. I know how to fix that, don't worry


2020-10-05 Fech The Ferret 0.9.2prealpha.zip 92 MB
Oct 05, 2020

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