​Fech The Ferret 0.9.3prealpha

2020-10-06 Dashing is now done by pressing the X button up until you reach max speed, to stop dashing tap it again. The traditional way of dashing is still available as an option in the controls menu
2020-10-10 Added a cloud system
2020-10-11 Made up my mind about the behaviour Fech should have on slopes. For any slope above 60° you must be walldashing
2020-10-13 Added planar reflections
2020-10-18 Overall optimizations that boost performance on the cpu
2020-10-19 Updated Fech and Powie's models
2020-10-28 The trees' foliage looks a ton better now
2020-11-08 Added a foutain before the ara
2020-11-11 Added support for translation to multiple languages
2020-11-14 Now the menu fully supports aspect ratios ranging from 3:2 to 21:9 ( 4:3 is functional, but UI looks quite cramped)
2020-11-15 You can now change language ingame: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Japanese are now fully transalted; Russian and Portuguese are partially available
2020-11-16 Fech falls a bit less like a rock
2020-11-19 new Fech model revision: fixed all notable issues with last version
2020-11-20 Many noticeable improvements to all of Fech's animations (and added a couple of new ones)
2020-11-20 Added jiggle physics to Fech's body
2020-11-27 Added end of demo panel
2020-11-29 The game is overall a lot more playable on keyboard now

-Improved performance inspector. Now it can also show the specs of the machine running the game. Perfect for performance reports
-Slight improvements to the controls menu
-Option for preferred dash system in the controls menu
-Dashing gets activated a bit more quickly
-Added some signposts in the ferrest
-Many small improvements to the trees including better shadows, better foliage swaying and better trunk shading
-Remapped pal pulling to shoulder buttons so it's more intuitive
-Slight update to the look of the environment shader
-Made the inside of tree's foliage visible. This also fixes a pretty bad graphical glitch
-It's now easier to tell where does the pollen ends
-Added again the outline on Fech and Powie
-Added sfx to tell when Fech begins dashing
-Updated the aucritas logo
-Changed bush shader, looks quite less out of place now
-Made manual camera turning smoother
-You get pollen damage when Fech is inside the foliage of a pollen tree
-Fech is a bit quicker to control in the rhythm ara
-Some slight visual polish to the ara stage
-In the rhythm ara both triggers and shoulder buttons enable pal pulling
-Added some momentum to Fech's jump
-Added proper environment surrounding the ferrest
-Slightly improved pollen look
-Improved look of fake fog
-Added idle animation to standing and sitting poses
-Noticeably improved quadruped animations
-Refined biped animations a bit
-Minor improvements to level design and environments
-Added score indicator in rhythm ara
-Improved effects related to the ara level, major changes to the look of the ara level
-It's possible to drop the visual quality a bit more than before
-Added another disclaimer to make very clear that the game is in pre-alpha
-Moving the mouse controls the camera if you're either dashing or pressing the middle mouse button

-Fixed inconsistent mouse sensitivity bug
-Fixed bug that made the performance inspector impossible to hide
-I had forgotten to update the version number in the menu, oops
-Fixed UI sorting issues in the tutorials
-Menu now works in the ara stage
-Performance improvements in the ara stage
-Fixed running up trees bug
-Improved collision detection for springs
-Reduced LOD popping with terrains
-Slight improvements to grass placement
-Slightly reduced the garbage collection
-Fixed small glitch related to obstacles in the rhythm ara
-Reduced lag spike upon first loading of the ferrest
-Fixed Powie's somewhat incorrect colours (lack of ambient illumination)
-Fixed bug that made it impossible to walldash if you didn't jump
-Better shadows in the tutorial
-Removed the fake drop shadow. It might be replaced with a blob shadow sometime in the future
-Small visual fixes and adjustments for the grass
-Headbumping behaviour is not glitchy at mid-low fps anymore
-Fixed the way camera acts if you run on a spring
-Fixed small glitch in Fech's way of rotating on surfaces
-Fixed falling animation bug when jumping on springs
-Fixed incorrect camera alignment on respawn
-Fixed ara music not playing upon restart of the level
-Ferrest music plays after leaving the ara stage
-Head bumping behaviour is a lot less prone to triggering bugs now (Fech is pushed back by a force, not translated ignoring game physics anymore)
-Head bumping is about half as jerky as before. Now 60fps should be enough to get a smooth(ish) collision experience
-Fixed a few typos
-Small fixes in the menu
-Removed a couple of unneeded fonts
-Fixed insidious jump gravity bug that made jump fall speed different from what the player would expect
-Fixed checkpoint after exiting the rhythm ara
-Fixed small error in grass placement (it was offset by a bit on one axis)
-Fixed several small animation transition bugs
-Slight improvements to the rock shader
-Fixed Fech's position in the intro cutscene
-Fixed a visual bug with rhythm ara's turn walls (not the ground though)
-Fixed leaf counter
-Optimized performance inspector
-Fixed pal pulling's most glaring bugs

-Selecting via controller in the menu doesn't work anymore
-Ambient occlusion is missing
-Rhythm ara: uncommon bug about gap collider not being well set
-Rhythm ara: death is not graceful
-Lack of dynamic occlusion culling for grass (waiting for Unity update)
-Fix the spring right after a having triggered a jump (shoots you higher but you also fall as if you weren't jumping)
-v-sync gets enabled only if you press on the menu button after starting the game
-Ambient illumination not correctly set for fech in the ara
-Upon retry of the rhythm ara everything is offset by 4 bars?
-It's possible to land on some parts of the trees, including the tip
-Language changes only when outside of dream00 for some reason?
-Russian and Japanese characters are not supported yet


2020-11-29 Fech The Ferret 0.9.3prealpha.zip 95 MB
Nov 29, 2020

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