Fech The Ferret 0.0.1alpha

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2020-12-19 Added ambient occlusion
2021-01-25 Added support for rolling wheels
2021-02-12 Added most of underwater gameplay
2021-02-23 Fully blocked out cava rattina (quarry area)
2021-03-01 Added Aucritas logo intro
2021-03-02 The game's illumination and colours change as you progress in the game
2021-03-05 Added wip version cava rattina's song
2021-03-16 Added checkpoint selector in the main menu to simplify testing experience
2021-03-20 Fech can drown now
2021-03-22 Added option to disable water reflections: potentially huge performance boost when close to water

-Many small optimizations to improve CPU performance
-It's now much easier and snappier to start dashing while in air
-Improved accessibility of wallDash if the player was not already dashing
-Fech now slides down walls after clinging to them instead of suddenly losing grip. This also makes wall clinging much more accessible
-Progress on the internal ara design tool
-You can now stop dashing while in air
-Brand new striped respawn effect. It triggers when you die in an area or fail the rhythm ara
-Fall damage now increases if you're making quite the big fall
-Removed the RaoulWB / Rilliam logo intro
-Added illumination changes between different parts of the ferrest (more foggy at the start, more luminous later on)
-Slight edit to the wall material on the ferrest
-Improved quickness of triggering gameplay elements and sfx
-Added sound effect for when fech goes inside trees
-Several minor improvements to Fech's 3D model
-Big improvements to pal pulling usability by offsetting camera less and removing DoF
-Increased pal pulling boost
-Added underwater effect to music
-Made Fech's dash handling slightly more sensible when you start dashing and noticeably less sensible at max speed
-Updated many internal tools
-Improved water respawn system
-If you die after the music goes out in dream00, Fech wakes up no matter where you fell
-Added sfx for resurfacing from water
-Made the apparition of dream02 in dream00 a bit more graceful
-The version number stays in the bottom right now
-Slightly improved the shading on Fech

-Fixed pal pulling
-Fixed bug that made Fech unable to take fall damage
-Made Fech's slope snapping look a bit more natural
-Reduced collider skin offset (Fech looks a bit more like he's touching what he's on)
-Fixed animation bug related to not correctly landing after dash jumping
-Largely fixed the jerkiness of colliding against walls. The main solution is now a systematic one, the fallback is the older approximative approach
-Removed a few old scripts
-Fixed bug that made it impossible to wallDash on select cases (short jumps)
-Fixed a sneaky bug about pressing the dash again while dashing
-Made transition from dream00 to ferrest a bit more efficient and reliable
-Fixed (some) spring bugs
-A ton of improvements under the hood. areas/levels and their music are approached in a much more systematic way
-In the process of improving the music system, the some code has received noticeable optimizations
-Vsync is now correctly set
-General quality is now correctly set

-Selecting via controller in the menu has still not been re-implemented
-Rhythm ara: death is not graceful
-Pressing the jump button as you step on a spring leads to inconstant results
-Ambient illumination is still not correctly set for fech in the ara
-Upon retry of the rhythm ara everything may be offset by 4 bars?
-It's still possible to land on some parts of the trees, including the tip
-Russian and Japanese characters are not supported yet
-There might be a bug in rhythm ara that makes it not start randomly after a few tries
-Major issues with wall climbing in cava rattina
-No grass
-The camera collision system is in need of total rework
-There's a new jump bug that makes Fech bounce
-There are a few bugs tied to swimming. The mechanic is still very much undercooked as of now
-Localization is temporarily unavailable due to a Unity bug. The game may freeze for a few seconds after starting it

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