Fech The Ferret 0.0.2alpha

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2021-04-02 The river area has been fully blocked out
2021-04-15 Very first successful test with ***
2021-04-18 Began visually identifying the river zone
2021-04-26 Grass is back! And more efficient than ever before!
2021-04-27 Began adding VFX in the game
2021-04-28 Began adding more SFX in the game
2021-05-01 Added Sun shaft. This effect had been missing in the game since mid 2020.
2021-05-23 Implemented initial polish for the level design of the ferrest
2021-05-23 The game technically works from the start up until Marmocle, roughly half of the game

-Added LOD for quarry trees
-Made the "pulling" part of pal pulling much faster (less slow-motion)
-Reduced turning sensitivity at max dash a little bit (and increased it for min dash)
-Added fake illumination effect on rhythm ara
-Subtle changes to the rhythm ara algorithm so that making maps becomes easier (will matter to users too someday)
-Additional minor edits to the ara stage
-Minor changes to the way illumination changes throughout zones
-Many script changes and adjustments to better support local multiplayer if it ever was to get added
-Added water slides in river zone
-Much more controlled and deterministic behaviour on slopes
-Gravity feels a bit more predictable when falling down a ledge
-Added jump buffer few frames before landing on the ground. This makes the game more accessible
-Increased minimum pal pulling boost, increased boost time
-Pal pulling boost wear-off time is temporarily freezed if the player is jumping
-Pal pulling is now much more controllable by moving the move stick left or right
-Minor changes and optimizations to the dash camera fx
-Slightly decreased music volume to give more space for sfx
-Added sfx for walking on grass
-Adjusted landing sfx
-Greatly improved grass look when shadowed
-Due to the grass system overhaul, a few always running old scripts have been deleted. This will lead to slight performance increase
-Slight post processing adjustments
-Added ripple effect when Fech is underwater
-After reaching max WallDash Fech just clings instead of falling down
-Increased safe underwater time
-Disabled walldashing underwater
-Powie now flaps faster if you pal pull faster
-Big changes to the water look
-Added underwater caustics
-Increased range of moving the camera down (and therefore looking up)
-Slightly improved visual variety of dream00
-Songs now nicely fade out
-Full performance inspector is now enabled by default

-Removed a big unused tool from the project
-Fixed bounce bug (most probably)
-Fixed some of spring bugs
-Fixed bug tied to automatic camera after falling off a wall
-Largely fixed but of Fech running along an edge at seemingly random times when approaching it tangentially
-More solid headbumping code
-Fixed illumination acting stuttery at times
-Ambient illumination is now correctly set for Fech in the ara and everywhere else
-Fixed grass's extreme glossiness
-Fixed all known pal pulling bugs (like being able to freely rotate Fech around)
-Fixed lack of batching in cypress trees
-Reduced amount of garbage collection created on each frame
-Small improvements to wall dashing
-Fixed the bug that made it possible to fall through terrain before it loaded
-Dug into even more old code to prevent insidious bugs, especially level loading ones
-Probably fixed a few bugs related to gravity and clinging to walls
-Fixed bugs related to restarting the game (like menu not working afterwards)


-Selecting via controller in the menu has still not been re-implemented
-Rhythm ara: death is still not graceful
-Pressing the jump button as you step on a spring leads to inconstant results
-Landing on a spring can lead to inconstant results
-Upon retry of the rhythm ara everything may be offset by 4 bars?
-It's still possible to land on some parts of the trees, including the tip
-There might be a bug in rhythm ara that makes it not start randomly after a few tries
-Some major issues with wall dashing are still present
-The camera collision system is in need of a total rework
-There are a few bugs tied to swimming. The mechanic doesn't play as intended yet as it's still very much undercooked as of now
-Russian and Japanese characters are not supported yet
-Localization is temporarily unavailable due to a Unity bug. The game will freeze for a few seconds after starting it
-Big issues with water and wall dashing in the river zone
-There's one notable bug with gravity when falling down slopes that are less than 90°
-Performance quickly degrades in the second half of the build, likely due to terrain
-Flickery lights in rhythm ara
-For some reason fog is disabled throughout the entirety of the demo

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