Fech The Ferret 0.1.0alpha

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2021-05-30 New Fech model correctly imported (but not implemented yet)
2021-06-09 The ferrest is now surrounded by vegetation and proper geography, like a real forest!
2021-06-10 Overhaul of the environment shader, walls look quite nicer
2021-06-15 Added nice 3D audio at the very start of the game
2021-06-17 Began adding final props in both ferrest and cava rattina
2021-06-30 Big improvements on out of bound trees, both visually and in performance (higher density, no more shadow fading)
2021-07-09 Setting the basis for a complete day-night cycle
2021-08-02 Added dialogue system
2021-08-05 Added rats to the game
2021-08-06 Updated the look of the rhythm ara
2021-08-07 Death in rhythm arae is now quick and painless
2021-08-09 Implemented new intro. The game correctly loads from the start up until the end of the supposed demo
2021-08-09 The NPC dialogue system has reached MVP level

-Tail physics improvements
-Substantial change in how gravity works underwater
-Slightly increased Fech's noodliness
-Minor changes to the colours of the ferrest
-Increased Fech underwater survival time by 1 second
-Improved sliding physics
-Major adjustments to the illumination system
-Smoother illumination transitions
-Reduced clouds detail
-You can now stop walldashing by pressing the dash button again
-New object shader, used for all props
-Springs are triggered earlier, as soon as Fech starts hitting them
-Added dedicated camera shots when Fech is using cranes or talking to NPCs
-Added pin to the rhythm ara
-Changed the look of obstacles in the rhythm ara
-Post processing improvements in the rhythm ara
-Added little twirl animation when Fech enters the pin ring
-Fech is a tad more visible in the rhythm ara
-Small level design changes in the area surrounding the rhythm ara
-After completing the rhythm ara you're brought on the other side of the wall
-Improvements to springs, you now get a little bit of time to see the animation and plan your jump
-Rewrote the setting menu to write to a JSON file. Reordered options, added new graphical settings and removed unused ones
-Music slowdown effect when you fail the rhythm ara
-Although present, zones after cava rattina are inaccessible (this is by design)

-Fixed mipmap issues on Fech's texturing
-Removed small but noticeable glitch about Fech's head rotation while standing still on all fours
-Fixed a few small clinging issues
-Fixed lack of fog in previous build
-Fixed shading glitches on distant trees
-Fixed big issue that prevented me from animating squash and stretch correctly
-Reduced visual glitch with the unclimbable markings on walls
-Fixed small bug related to collecting leaves
-Fixed light flicker bug in rhythm ara
-Fixed the rendering of grass inside water
-Fixed bug with dashing in air
-Shadow acne in the rhythm ara is gone
-Fixed some tree positions
-Fixed noticeable bugs related to gravity and sliding off steep slopes
-Fixed bug related to clipping planes in the rhythm ara. Performance improvements should be expected
-Minor fix to the wind sfx volume not being consistent
-Fixed small bugs related to startup and pausing
-Fixed small bugs present in the rhythm ara
-Fixed stuttery sound when failing the rhythm ara

-There are a few evident glitches at the start of the build
-There seem to be random issues with disabling  jumping and ability to stop dashing in the rhythm ara
-Selecting via controller in the menu has still not been re-implemented
-Landing on a spring during/after a jump leads to inconstant results
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-It's still possible to land on some parts of the trees, including the tip
-Although very infrequent in the newer builds, some major issues with wall dashing are still present
-The camera collision system has yet to be reworked
-The swimming mechanic doesn't play as intended yet as it's still very much undercooked as of now
-Russian and Japanese characters are not supported yet
-Localization is temporarily unavailable due to a Unity bug. The game will freeze for a few seconds after starting it
-Visual issues in dream02
-The Aucritas intro has a transitions that's too harsh on the eyes
-Odd stutters when jumping on slopes
-Out of bounds trees are too inefficient
-It's not possible to move the camera with the right thumbstick after exiting the rhythm ara
-Day-night cycle seems not to repeat
-Closing the game makes it crash?

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thas a big list wow


Heh, that's what happens when you don't make any builds for 3 months.

i feel you