Fech The Ferret 0.1.1alpha

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2021-08-15 Properly made the intro of the game
2021-08-16 Added several drawings on the walls of the cava rattina

-Adjusted a couple of things in the intro
-[NOT YET] Sensibly optimized rhythm arae by disabling illumination (since the entire thing is in shadows anyway)
-Added shadow quality options
-Added level design to the intro
-Slight adjustments to the sleep cutscene
-Added a few Physics optimizations. There's a possibility it might improve CPU performance slightly

-Very slight edits to the ferrest, minor optimizations
-Added piston to cava rattina (still WIP)
-Changed cava rattina's fog color
-Added more sfx
-When jumping out of water you now always get a full jump
-Reduced volume of Fech's (temporary) sneeze and timed it better
-Improvements on transitions over the course of the whole demo
-Improved first rhythm ara level design
-Added more variety to pins in the rhythm ara
-Slightly adjusted the timing on the menu startup to be more in sync with the music
-Increased coyote time
-Increased jump buffer
-Added roll animation for poles

-Fixed camera bugs after completing a rhythm ara
-Fixed bug related to pins in rhythm arae
-Fixed a menu settings bug
-Readjusted springs positioning in the ferrest
-Fixed slope alignment on grass
-Pressing the menu button during startup doesn't trigger errors anymore

-Added a collider to the ara entrance
-Fixed bug that didn't make it possible move the camera with a thumbstick after exiting a rhythm ara
-Poles can no longer make Fech lose momentum
-Fixed infinite jump bug when jumping out of water
-Fixed ability to wiggle while Fech is sleeping
-Fixed stutter at the start of the rhythm ara song
-Lessened visual issues in dream02
-Out of bound trees were actually very efficient, just fixing the statement on last report here
-Increased out of bound trees render distance
-Fixed currently known spring bugs
-The outer geography was missing during Fech's sleep cutscene

-There's an odd stutter when jumping up slopes. I currnetly can't figure out why is that the case
-The restart button doesn't work right now
-Selecting via controller in the menu has still not been re-implemented
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-Although more infrequent in the newer builds, some major issues with wall dashing are still present
-The camera collision system has yet to be reworked
-The swimming mechanic is incomplete
-Russian and Japanese characters are not supported yet
-Localization is temporarily unavailable due to a Unity bug. The game will freeze for a few seconds after starting it
-The Aucritas intro has a transitions that's too harsh on the eyes
-Closing the game can make it crash?

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