​Fech The Ferret 0.2.0alpha

2021-08-24 Fech is now available on Linux (since 0.1.3alpha)
2021-08-30 Added ciambella dive (and roll)
2021-09-03 Completely remade the way stamina works
2021-10-03 Redone camera collision system. Now it works
2021-10-03 Many major changes on the way dashing works
2021-10-16 Added controls remapping (experimental)
2021-10-29 Finished adding the first batch of props for the ferrest
2021-10-29 Wall dashing is now triggered by keeping the jump button pressed. The opposite of before
2021-10-30 Wall dashing can now be done while walking on all fours

-Hitting a wall doesn't instantly kill your momentum anymore
-Colliding with a wall head first is less janky now, especially at low framerates
-Re-added support for menu navigation with keyboard or controller
-Slightly adjusted the menu layout
-You're now allowed to do really long jumps when going past max speed (such as after pal pulling)
-Fech stops dashing if you let go the thumbstick
-Increased size of piston by 20%
-Removed the funny rat
-Small edits to level geometry
-Largely toned down Fech's rock physics when the players lets go the A button after jumping
-Pressing X while jumping lets you do a ciambella dive and roll, a quicker fall than ever done before, rock physics live on
-Removed references to "ciambella" in scripts as it's not replaced by the mechanically simpler (ciambella) dive
-Made speed control a bit more granular by giving more importance to how much the thumbstick is pushed
-Slightly debuffed Powie (pal pulling)
-It's now not possible to climb while it's raining
-Many adjustments to make the camera more dynamic
-Fech now correctly aligns to all possible orientations of the ground
-Reintroduced old speed lines while Fech is building up speed
-Improvements on toon shader: more believable and with higher support for artistic choices
-Added more signposts and made them a bit bigger
-Changed the way pal pulling ragdoll works
-Increased variety of signposts
-Increased size of signposts
-Implemented the updated Fech model (it should look about the same as the old one, save for the face)
-Fech's default expression is now different (partial implementation of new face rig)

-Minor fix in dream00
-Fixed pause/unpause bugs
-Many minor fixes to the menus
-Minor adjustments to wording in tutorials and menu
-Removed unwanted colliders on quarry decals
-Minor improvements to running into springs at high speed
-Most likely fixed rare bugs related to gravity
-Minor improvements to menu navigation
-Fixed bug involving incorrect falling speed on springs and pistons
-Mouse cursor visible again in the main menu

-Minor visual bug with dialogue
-Sometimes wall dashing doesn't end when supposed to
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-Dashing and wall dashing don't mix
-The swimming mechanic is incomplete
-Localization is temporarily unavailable due to a Unity bug
-Uncommon bug that tilts the camera view after successfully walldashing
-Camera transitions aren't *always* better so far
-Menu lacks of some additional polish and testing
-Removed Fech's head tilting by mistake


2021-10-30 Fech The Ferret 0.2.0alpha.zip 220 MB
Oct 30, 2021
2021-10-30 Fech The Ferret 0.2.0alpha_linux.zip 243 MB
Oct 30, 2021

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