​Fech The Ferret 0.5.0alpha - Official Alpha Release!

This build marks the official release of Fech The Ferret on Itch.io! From now on the game will be available to buy and play as we keep working on it.

2021-12-27 You can now properly drift left and right while sliding down walls. Claw marks included!
2022-01-17 Added traditional mouse camera controls and proper input rebinding
2022-01-25 Many objects now sway or swing. More life!
2022-01-26 New rhythm ara added. Rhythm arae now have proper exits
2022-02-04 Sleep music added, it plays right after starting the game, before attempting to move Fech
2022-02-08 New sfx
2022-02-11 New better performant "bounding box" zone loading system has been implemented
2022-02-11 Lamps now light up at night
2022-02-11 Rat hub now exists!
2022-02-14 The ferret now dooks! (while climbing)
2022-02-15 Added roadmap to the main menu
2022-02-17 Added river props
2022-02-17 Included all dialogue for the build
2022-02-20 The kyuknos looks much nicer now
2022-02-21 Many improvements to Fech's model
2022-02-22 Octopus NPCs ready

-Higher control on moving left and right while walldashing
-It's now slightly harder to disanchor from a wall you're clinging to
-Added slight variety in grass tint
-Added a proper grass trail
-The amount of twisting left and right while climbing now depends on Fech's speed and whether he's going up or down, resulting in a much more credible behaviour
-Added lamps to the ferrest
-Disabled Ambient Occlusion since it slightly clashed with the overall style of the game while not bringing any tangible benefit. Noticeable performance boost
-All flowers now sway
-Greatly improved music syncing between the ara gate and the rhythm ara music
-Graphical improvements to rhythm arae
-Fech can now roll for 2 seconds (instead of 1.5)
-Leaf sfx was changed to be more appealing
-The new "bounding box" zone loading system breaks zones down into multiple sections, only the ones closest to Fech are activated resulting in a overall lower CPU overhead
-Updated the credits as well as changed minor details of the menu
-Improved sliding behaviour, it feels more soft and gentle
-Removed all demo dialogs
-Slightly decreased overall volume of the game
-Noticeable improvements to Fech's modeling and mesh deformation
-Fech has new better defined texturing
-Fech has bigger hind pawpads now
-Fech has a dedicated animation for waking up from sleeping now
-Added a save and reset button to the menu. This is the backbone how Fech's saving system will work under the hood

-Fixed bug where Fech wouldn't stop clinging to a wall after touching the ground
-Fixed claw marks not aligning to the wall
-Fixed unintentionally endless coyote time
-Distant trees are now correctly animated
-The pal pulling animation doesn't suffer of occasional delay issues anymore
-Fixed dialogue bugs and essential UI improvements
-Fixed incorrect grass instancing on the river zone
-Fixed bug that would let players climb more if they repeatedly pressed the jump button
-Fixed bug that would lead players to climb on air
-Fech can't get up during the intro cutscene anymore
-Minor fixes to poles and pistons

-Critical bug with the loading of any ara [immediately found out live during the release stream]
-Few menu bugs
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-Localization is temporarily unavailable
-Uncommon bug that unexpectedly tilts the camera view after walldashing
-Sliding down walls of less than 90° of slope (but higher of 60°) doesn't work correctly at the moment
-Minor wall climbing bugs
-Camera may rarely act weird


Fech The Ferret 0.5.0alpha 224 MB
Feb 22, 2022
Fech mini comics (+extras) 13 MB
Feb 22, 2022

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