​Fech The Ferret 0.5.1alpha - First batch of fixes

With a small delay, here's the first batch of corrections! All major bugs were addressed in this instance. Have fun!

2022-02-25 Fixed all known game breaking bugs!
2022-02-27 Paw prints on sand
2022-02-28 A Linux build is present again

-Better balanced the volume in the intro zone music
-Proper night colours for the skybox
-Increased mouse sensitivity
-The game now keeps running if deselected. Should be better for streaming as well as providing a more coherent experience
-Placed lamps at the start of the quarry
-Mouse camera freelook 50% faster

-Fixed critical respawn bugs
-Fixed intro zone music no being assigned to the "music" mixer
-Removed unwanted "ability" to walk on water
-Fixed grass sfx playing incorrectly in the river zone
-Fixes to poplar color in the river zone
-Small fixes to the roadmap on the menu
-Fixed dream00 respawn bug
-Fixed ciambella dive audio highpass bug
-Fixed minor sliding issue in the river alongside other small issues
-Fixed water stamina bugs
-Added a previously missing death plane in the river zone
-Fixed color of poplars in river zone
-Fech is now loses life when underwater in the river as well
-Fixed lamps emission when seen from far away
-Removed debug command to force a reload of the game
-Fixed bug that would allow escaping the main menu without pressing "Play"

-Swimming in rivers is incomplete
-Few menu bugs
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-Uncommon bug that unexpectedly tilts the camera view after walldashing
-Sliding down walls of less than 90° of slope (but higher of 60°) doesn't work correctly at the moment
-Camera may rarely act weird
-Rolling while sleeping
-Fech can get temporarily stuck on edges
-Random bug with triggering the zone music instead of the menu one music


Fech The Ferret 0.5.1alpha (Windows) 224 MB
Feb 28, 2022
Fech The Ferret 0.5.1alpha (Linux) 248 MB
Feb 28, 2022

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