​Fech The Ferret 0.6.0alpha DEMO - Steam Next Fest

At last, a new demo! I'd really like to put a stress on the "last" part since this came a day late to Steam Next Fest due to engine issues. Anyway lots of goodies, both fixes and polish, so make sure to check it out! (Either here on itch or on the steam page over at playfe.ch/steam)

2022-05-08 Much smoother camera movement as you go up and down
2022-06-08 Notable visual updates towards the start of the game
2022-06-09 Visual upgrades to the kyuknos
2022-06-12 New props at the start of the ferrest
2022-06-13 This demo features progress saving
2022-06-13 Press E to Dook (Y on controller)

-Updated Unity version
-Faster startup animation skips (you can watch even less of the Aucritas intro now!)
-Reduced the delay when jumping on springs
-Added wheat in the kyuknos
-Added new landmarks in the first half of the ferrest
-Improved a hub of the quarry
-Updated end of demo dialog
-End of demo text is no longer in Italian
-Decreased amount of fog in the ferrest
-Misha is now visible and minor improvements to her dialogue setup
-The intro song section in the kyuknos now loops until you move
-Added obstacle crash sfx in rhythm ara
-Dust particles are now lit (minor visual change)
-Added rumble when you begin rolling
-Increased mouse camera sensitivity by 50%
-Overall better visibility and sense of direction in the first section of the ferrest
-Added and repositioned some leaves
-Decreased length of the night by 25%
-Improved Fech's jump animations
-Removed leaf counter (it will get re-added in the future)
-Pal Pulling is temporarily disabled in the first two rhythm arae (and unintentionally in the rest of the demo too, it will get re-added in the future)
-Removed the ability to move the camera around Fech using Q/E

-Added a respawn check that prevents from clipping through the ground
-Fixed a gravity bug
-Fixed incorrect spawn for the first boot-up in the Kyuknos
-The player can no longer clip through the exit of a rhythm ara
-Improvements to the look of the toon shader as you get closer
-Small geometry fixes
-Some polish to the loading system
-Fixed camera bug triggered by repeatedly trying to roll
-Rumble is now supported on Linux as well: added native controller rumble as opposed to Windows-only through XInputDotNetPure
-Removed debug code
-Walls towards the end of the ferrest are gray again
-Fixed animation transition error with rolling

-Swimming is incomplete
-The advanced crane was temporarily made incomplete
-River behaviour is incomplete
-Rhythm ara is sometimes offset by 4 bars
-Uncommon bug that unexpectedly tilts the camera view after walldashing
-Some issues with sliding down walls of less than 90° while clinging to them
-Rare camera collision issues
-Clipping through walls is possible in rare cases. More testing and/or improvements to the collision system are needed
-An occlusion culling bug close to the end of the demo


Fech The Ferret 0.6.0alpha DEMO (Windows) 167 MB
Jun 14, 2022
Fech The Ferret 0.5.2alpha (Windows) 164 MB
May 01, 2022

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