Fech The Ferret 0.6.0prealpha


-2019-04-08 Added an intro cutscene of Fech sleeping in the forest -2019-04-25 A brand new 3D model of Fech with better animations remade from scratch!
-2019-05-15 Now dream00 and dream02 play subsequently -2019-05-17 Added a restart demo button
-2019-05-17 Added text to explain how wallDashing works
-2019-06-07 Snippet of new music for the intro
-2019-06-09 Click the right stick to realign camera
-2019-06-09 Added timer

-Some improvements to dream02's level design: more route variations, slightly less cramped paths
-Minor graphical changes to dream02
-Fech clings to walls as long as the player is pressing the jump button, even if they're not dashing
-While dashing Fech is significantly heavier to control, quick and sharp turns can't be done anymore
-Improved and extended dream02 music track
-Minor camera changes: slightly more dynamic and improved transitions
-Improved Fech's noodliness when turning on all fours (with also more reliable code)
-Changed logo and menu colors. Pinker, not an as much as an eyesore
-Better jumping and falling animations on all fours
-Slight changes to dream00 theme's (dash mix)
-Autocamera sensitivity has been increased
-New font
-Many little level design fixes in dream00
-Camera turns slower than in the past when using the right stick

-Now the delay in starting to dash happens only when you press the dash button while standing, not while on all fours
-Sudden 180° turnings can't be done anymore, Fech now does a U turn instead
-Transition from dashing to walldashing is now seamless
-WallDash animation now plays when climbing from pace pose too
-Fixed a bug that made Fech unable to turn while dashing
-No more weird rotation glitch when running up steep slopes
-Fixed lack of beat-synced fx while dashing
-Fixed bug that made the autocamera not activate
-Player can no more make Fech oddly turn in the menu screen
-Transition from dream00 to dream02 is now reliable
-Fixed a couple of camera underpass related glitches
-Fixed bug related to post-processing profiles
-Fixed little rotation glitch that happened when starting or landing a jump near to an edge
-Many animation oddities have been fixed

-Camera can act weird if it collides with something from behind, this is especially true when going through an underpass backwards
-Very rare bug that makes the camera incorrectly turn by about 90 degrees after wallDashing
-Camera doesn't adjust for "tall" underpasses
-Rare bug that turns off autocamera for the rest of the play after dying
-Some minor rotation movements can still happen during pause or introcutory cutscene
-Sometimes the menu breaks after having opened it once


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Jun 09, 2019

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